About OTZ Hearing Aid Compatible phones

The OTZ wireless staff works hard to provide hearing-aid users with a wide array of compatible wireless handsets.

The OTZ wireless staff makes every effort to ensure that the deaf and hard of hearing have access to a wide array of compatible wireless handset devices.  More than 50 percent of wireless handset units sold at OTZ meet hearing aid compatibility deployment requirements.

Hearing aid compatibility with wireless phones is measured based on two sets of standards: the “M” rating based on a device’s ability to reduce interference with hearing aids operating in acoustic mode (from M1 to M4, with M4 being the best) and the “T” rating based on the device’s ability to operate with hearing aids that contain a telecoil and operate in inductive coupling mode (T1 to T4).  The FCC considers mobile devices to be hearing aid compatible if they are rated at least M3 and T3.

Of the phones currently offered by OTZ wireless, the following phones have been tested and rated for hearing-aid compatibility:

  • Samsung Galaxy J7 Duo
  • Samsung Galaxy S8
  • Samsung Galaxy S9

Of the phones currently offered by OTZ wireless, the following phones are not rated as hearing-aid compatible:

  • Samsung Galaxy A5
  • Samsung Galaxy J4

OTZ wireless has identified the following levels of functionality for its phones:

  • Basic Functionality: Talk and text capability.  VGA cameras and picture messaging may be available.
  • Mid-Level Functionality: Talk, text, and Bluetooth capability.  Higher resolution cameras, a memory slot for storing media, and WAP internet browsing will usually be available.
  • High End Functionality: Talk, text, Bluetooth capability, and a 2 Megapixel or better camera.  HTML internet browsers, larger displays with higher resolution, and touch screens may be available.
  • Smartphone Functionality: Voice and data communication, Bluetooth capability, and advanced operating systems allowing for application additions. WiFi capability is generally available.

Functionality categories, HAC rating information, FCC ID numbers, and the model name/number can be found in the description section for each phone offered. For information about the FCC’s wireless hearing aid compatibility rules and service providers’ obligations, please visit: https://www.fcc.gov/general/hearing-aid-compatibility-hac.  For information regarding hearing aid-compatible and non-hearing aid-compatible handset models, please visit the FCC designated Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative: http://gari.info/

Last updated January 25, 2019