Meet OTZ

OTZ Telephone Cooperative Inc. is a member-owned company headquartered in Kotzebue that provides telephone, wireless (also known as “cellphone”) and Internet services throughout Northwest Alaska.

What is a Co-Op?

A cooperative (or “co-op” for short) is a company started by local leaders to provide a service to their community. The customers are the owners of the company. When you become a customer, you become an owner. Because it is not driven by making profits for it’s owners, the members of the OTZ Telephone Cooperative, a co-op exists only to provide the best service at the best price for its members.

What is a member?

Any person, firm, association, corporation, or body politic or subdivision thereof will become a member of OTZ (the “cooperative”) upon receipt of telecommunications and information services (“service”) from the cooperative.

Our promise to you

Through professionalism, innovation, and a “can do” attitude, OTZ will be the best telecommunications provider to the people of Northwest Alaska.

Sharing is one of our company values

As a member of OTZ, you share in the company’s profits through capital credits.

It also means you’re helping to support our community because OTZ invests in enhancing and expanding our services, supporting our region’s local economic and social well-being of its membership, and giving to worthy causes.

The profits of OTZ Telephone Cooperative and its subsidiary allows continued growth and expansion of telecommunication services to its membership.

OTZ Annual Meeting will be Thursday, July 28 at the Kotzebue School Cafeteria doors open at 5:30 pm, meeting will start at 6:00 pm.