At OTZ, we take pride in being a company created by, owned by and serving the people of Northwest Alaska.

OTZ shares the profits, supports your community As a member, you’re an owner. That means you share in the company profits through capital credits. It also means you’re helping to support your community. We invest all profits into serving you. The more OTZ grows, the more we are able to enhance and expand our services, support the region’s local economy and give back to our communities. OTZ is proud to support and strengthen our communities through grants, donations, scholarships and more.


Since 2000, OTZ has given over $100,000 in grants to KOTZ Radio.

Anyone who lives in Northwest Alaska knows how important KOTZ Radio is to the area. We get our local news, weather, search-and-rescue alerts and an assortment of other information from a small station with a limited operating budget. At OTZ, we are proud to do our part as a member of this community to support KOTZ Radio and keep Northwest Alaska’s best source of news, information and entertainment on the air.


OTZ is home to the Zonna Lie-Ito OTZ Scholarships, awarded every year to four deserving students headed to college or vocational school. Interested? Check out the links below and apply today.

We were blessed to have Zonna as an employee and friend here at OTZ, from when she started with us on April 27, 2004, until she passed away on June 21, 2007.

Through her talent, creativity, energy, enthusiasm and hard work, Zonna played a big part in making changes in the way we serve our members. She was also one of those rare individuals who could really see where we needed to go as an organization and take all of the steps necessary to get us there. One of the many things we appreciated about Zonna was that she was so positive about work and life.

In Zonna’s memory, and to celebrate her positive spirit for generations to come, we are very proud to rename our scholarship in her honor. It’s now called the Zonna Lie-Ito OTZ Scholarship Web Form.


OTZ is proud to support the Northwest Arctic Borough and many search-and-rescue, student and community operations throughout the region with free wireless service.

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OTZ Annual meeting Friday, May 26, 2023, at The Kotzebue Youth Center.
Early registration is at 5:30 pm with the meeting beginning at 6:00 pm.
The OTZ ballot will be mailed to our membership soon.

All ballots must be received at the OTZ business office in Kotzebue by 12 noon on Tuesday, May 23, 2023.