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Welcome to OTZ!

As your cooperative, we're here to enhance your communication capabilities — and strengthen your community, too.

OTZ is proud to offer the latest, most reliable tools to keep you connected to friends and family — whether you're down the road, up the river, across the ice or traveling around the world. We're also proud to be a vital part of the region, with employees and members living and working in every village.

So if you're looking for great service and friendly support from neighbors who care,
we've got ya covered.

Want to see your current DSL package you're on and it's after hours? You can click here and it will take you to where you can get a brief outline of your current DSL account. In order to login you will have to use your DSL username and password that you obtained from OTZ.

OTZ Tech Support Number: 1-888-817-6264

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