We Have Great phones!

 OTZ carries the latest cellphones, just like the other guys do. Only one major difference:

We’re not the other guys – we’re the company you own. That means we’re right here in Kotzebue – and we make regular visits to our service-area villages – so OTZ provides you with personal service from local experts for everything you need.


Hearing Aid Compatible Phones

The OTZ wireless staff works hard to provide hearing-aid users with a wide array of compatible wireless handsets.

The OTZ wireless staff makes every effort to ensure that the deaf and hard of hearing have access to a wide array of compatible wireless handset devices.  More than 50 percent of the wireless handset units sold at OTZ meet hearing-aid-compatibility-deployment requirements.

Testing has shown that the following phones tend to perform better with hearing aids:

*Pursuant to FCC guidelines, the handsets listed below have been tested and rated for hearing-aid compatibility (HAC). These HAC ratings, or “M-Ratings” and “T-Ratings,” help hearing-aid users find the best phones for their needs.