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Important Addresses and Numbers

Snail mail:
PO Box 324
Kotzebue, Alaska 99752

Physical address:
346A Tundra Way
Kotzebue, Alaska 99752


Local telephone support:
Toll-free customer service 1-800-478-3111
Customer service (907) 442-3114
Fax (907) 442-2123

Wireless, Internet and long-distance service:
Toll-free customer service 1-888-449-2411
Customer service (907) 442-2411
Fax (907) 442-2511

Kotzebue ( Internet technical support hotline and villages:
(888) 817-6264 (24-hour support)

Local-directory assistance: 411

Long-distance-directory assistance: (907) 555-1212

Telephone-repair service: 611 or (907) 442-1241

Contact OTZ Board


Staff Directory

To reach four-digit extensions (ext.), call 442-3114 or 1-800-478-3111 and ask for the person or extension number. Also, all of our extensions can be reached by dialing 442, then the extension number.


McConnell, Lucy Mae Accounting Clerk/HR ext. 1018
McConnell, Donna Accounting Controller/FO Supervisor ext. 1017



Neal, Douglas Chief Executive Officer ext. 1000
Howarth, Ann Community Outreach Coordinator ext. 1008



Fields, Cynthia “Cindy” Billing Clerk ext. 1007
Schaeffer, LeAnn Billing Clerk Assistant ext. 1009


Customer service

Norton, Grace Customer Service Representative ext. 1022


Central office

Abeyratne, Chandra Central Office Administrator ext. 1004
Karmun Jr., Wilbur Central Office Technician ext. 1002



Iten, Mark Data Network Administrator ext. 1003
Baldwin, Harry IP Phone & Network Administrator ext. 1006
Baldwin, Skyler Network / OSP Technician ext. 1005


Outside Plant

Greene, Adam Install/Repairman ext. 1021
Lambert, Harold OSP/CO Foreman and Supervisor ext. 1010
Wells Sr., Richard “Ricky” Journeyman Lineman ext. 1013


Outside Plant representatives by region

Ambler and Kobuk
Cleveland, Brian Install/Repairman 445-2111
McKay, Kris Village Representative 948-2111
Barr, Bruce Village Representative 363-2111
Booth, Melford Village Representative 485-2111
Cleveland, Verne Village Representative 636-2111
Jackson, Gary Install/Repairman 484-2111
Cleveland, Alfred Village Representative 437-2111


Purchasing/building coordinator

Smith, Donald Purchasing Agent/Building Coordinator ext. 1023


OTZ Telecommunications

Wilson, Sadie Billing Clerk ext. 1012
Sampson, Stephanie Customer Service Representative ext. 1011

Questions and Comments

If you are not completely satisfied with how your feedback was handled, please contact Consumer Protection and Information at the Regulatory Commission of Alaska in order to resolve any disputes with the utility service provider.

1 (907) 276-6222
1-800-390-2782 (outside Anchorage)
Fax: 1 (907) 276-0160
TTY or hearing impaired: 1 (907) 276-4533
Email: or